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About Us

Why choose BionX?

BionX kits run at 48V for more torque and reliability. are completely silent and feature regenerative braking.

BionX kits are designed and built in Canada, and backed by a 3 year warranty.

BionX is the longest established ebike conversion kit manufacturer. Compare that with the competition!

BionX UK is run by a team with over 10 years experience in the ebike industry,

Expert fitting available at our approved dealers

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BionX D Series


The BionX D Series Kit offers the ultimate off-road eBike experience when added to your existing mountain bike. It's incredibly torquey, and comes with the largest available 555Wh battery. Comes ready assembled in 26", 650b or 28" (fits 29").  £2000 inc VAT & UK delivery


z-lake d-series--style-02 BionX--2015--D 250 DV (Large) BionX--2015--P 250 RL (Large) BionX--2015--EU--P 250 RX cropped

BionX P Series


The BionX P series kit is ideal for everyday leisure and commuting bikes. Choose from rear rack or down tube batteries (like D Series above). Different battery sizes available to suit needs and budget. Excellent hill climbing ability and range (up to 83 miles*). From £1600 inc VAT and UK delivery

* Achieveable with DV battery, in assistance level 1 and in ideal conditions. Ask us for a realistic estimate based on your own requirements.