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About Us

Why choose BionX?

... 48V for very high torque, silent running, only ebike system to reliably offer regenerative braking.

... Canadian designed and built, and backed by an industry beating 3 year warranty*

... Long established and used by the best (Mercedes, OHM, Trek etc)

... Outperforms Bosch and Yamaha powered ebikes; BionX technology is often copied but rarely matched

... Easy DIY installation or expert fitting available at our approved dealers

     (*3rd year warranty upon registration of complete kit and requires annual firmware updates by a dealer)

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BionX have been developing their premium electric bike retrofit system for over 15 years. They are widely regarded as superior to cheaper budget systems from the Far East. They are often used in demanding applications such as tandems, cargo bikes, handcycles, recumbants, as well as the being the best possible way to convert a regular bike into an ebike.  The motors are direct drive and brushless, making them ultra smooth and quiet. This is also the most reliable way to build a motor. The motor controller is integrated into the motor which helps with heat dissipation, reliability, neatness and ease of installation.


Why convert your bike? Good question - you can buy a ready made ebike for around the cost of the BionX kit alone. However the quality of the electric system on such a bike will not be to the same exacting standards as the BionX system. It's likely to be designed with a budget in mind, and without the well designed smooth and silent qualities of a BionX and without regenerative braking/charging. It is unlikely also to be a 48V system which is what makes the BionX system both powerful and reliable.


Who's behind BionX UK? My name is Jamie McAlley, I'm 37 and I live in Cambridge. I've been enthusiastically working in the eBike industry for over 10 years, and established BionX UK Distribution in 2013 to secure supply and back up in the UK. I have the experience and knowledge to look after my customers well. Since starting The Electric Transport Shop in 2005 I have supplied and worked on a wide range of electric vehicles past and present. This includes just about every credible brand of eBike, various electric cars and motorcycles, not to mention the Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle! This experience has given me the knowledge and insight necessary to know that BionX produce the electric system I wanted to fit to my own bike. I hope you'll fit it to yours too!


Other companies that share my enthusiasm for the BionX drive and have chosen this polished system to produce their own ready to go from the factory electric bikes include: Trek, Grace, Kalkhoff, KTM, Riese & Müller, Smart (Mercedes).


In summary: The 'Rolls Royce' of electric bike kits are not cheap, but they do offer superb value for money and represent a transferable investment that will change the way you use your bike significantly. It's not just buying the right product that's important, but who you buy it from that matters too. I can ensure that your experience with a BionX product will be a smooth one. BionX International will ensure that I can back up the product, with a no nonsense, straightforward 3 year warranty that speaks for itself.